Our Recycling Service

100% Recycled

7.5 MILLION mattresses go to landfill every year in the UK alone, we are on a mission at Epic Logistics to be a key player in lowering this figure.

Every mattress we take is diverted from going to landfill and 100% is converted into recyclable material.

How will your bed be recycled?

Your bed will be shredded in just 30 seconds, split out into 3 key recyclable materials:-

  • Metal: Used within the UK and is melted down and turned into many different items from kettles to planes.
  • Foam: This is broken down and reused as carpet underlay.
  • Mixed Textile: This is used as a replacement to traditional fossil fuels as a source to power your home.

How it works?

  1. Choose the recycling service you require from our Delivery Upgrades & Recycling Service options.
  2. Once your order is confirmed and payment received, within 24 hours we will send you a SMS text message and email with a collection date. There will be contact details to change collection date if necessary, we answer all requests within 3 hours.
  3. Once you have confirmed your collection date, we will send you via SMS text message an AM or PM slot 24 hours prior to collection.
  4. Half an hour prior to collection, our delivery team will give you a courtesy call to let you know they are on their way.
  5. Our delivery team will take your item away and you can rest easy knowing it hasn't gone to landfill.